Lifters are sometimes used as an alternative to cam actions. Usually the lifter concept is used where it is not feasible to have a cam. They are primarily used to allow the steel to be removed by the use of a cam action that slides the steel away from the plastic. There are few things that the designer must be aware of when using lifters: The top of the lifter surface cannot protrude into the wall section. It is a good practice to have the top of the lifter at least .003 below the wall section to insure there is no hang up when it is activated. The lifter should not pull the part over with its action and result in the part sticking. A protrusion in the non lifter area will usually help keep it for sliding the part over with it. There are many standard lifter designs that are that are available from mold component manufacturers Because lifters have a tendency to wear it is good practice to design a mold operation including standard components. These designs are mass produced and take into account the proper tolerances and steel selections to provide the mold with the maximum life.