Process Improvement

Process Improvement Example

We cut the cycle time almost in half! Click the examples to learn more.

Process Improvement Example

1st Iteration - original design as benchmark

Cycle Time: 22 Seconds

2nd Iteration

  • Better Gate Nozzle
  • Improved Cooling and Steel Selections
  • Interlocked Parting Lines

Cycle Time: 18 Seconds

3rd Iteration

  • Improved Cooling
  • Better Drive System

Cycle Time: 12 Seconds

ATM Designs what others cannot conceive – then we take it one step further. When awarded a program ATM performs a Design for Manufacturing “DFM” followed by a through Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) for the program’s success which includes:

  • Work to identify any program failures
  • Part review for draft and part ejection
  • Review for cycle time improvements
  • Mold flow
  • Conformal cooling

ATM’s Program Management Team members are industry-seasoned tool designers and tool makers.