Mold Management

A mold is an expensive investment. Without proper maintenance, the life of the mold and the quality of the molded parts will be significantly reduced. For example, caustic or abrasive materials can wear away surfaces, or a thin layer of material can build up on the mold surface. To make the most out of your investment, ATM can set up a mold maintenance program to maximize your mold’s life and minimize downtime.

Mold Maintenance

Every mold is individual. The materials molded, the geometry of the mold, moisture, temperature and pressure can all influence the rate of deterioration. ATM documents and analyzes all the factors to determine the optimum injection mold maintenance schedule that will keep your mold consistently producing quality parts with the maximum uptime.

Mold Rebuilding and Refurbishing

Old molds can be made like new.The mold is completely disassembled and every part is inspected and compared to the original specs. Mold surfaces and wear components like ejector pins and sleeves can be partially replaced, or a complete rebuild can reuse mold bases and hot runners while replacing all molding surfaces and wear components. The mold is then run and tested to ensure that it is running to the original specification.

Mold Retrofit and Conversion

Minor changes in a product – logo changes, slight feature changes etc. – don’t always have to mean starting a new mold from scratch. Often the original mold base can be used as a framework, saving valuable resources and money.