Mold Manufacturing

American Tool and Mold is a world class mold making facility. The high performance injection molds created by ATM blend Craftsmanship with Technology. They are products that combine innovation and artistry – they are products that we, as ATM, are extremely proud of.


We are able to manufacture molds with mold bases up to 80″ x 50″ holding sizes within .0002″ and positions within .0005″.

Our machines are capable of manufacturing hardened tool steel components at 62+ Rockwell.

We are able to high speed machine sizes up to 22″ x 14″ x 10″ to extremely tight tolerances, holding size and position within .0002″.

We have machines with 3, 4, 5, and 9 axis capability (mill/turn).

Many of our machines are equipped with pallet changers and/or 3R multi station work holding systems. This enables us to run our machines unattended.

EDM Department has CNC sinkers wire machines equipped with 3R tooling, along with three robots and three automatic tool changers allowing for unattended machining.

We also have extensive grinding capabilities which include:

  • Jig Grinding
  • Surface/Wet Grinding parts up to 46″ x 58″ flat and parallel within .0002″
  • CNC O.D./I.D Grinding parts up to 12″ in dia. (O.D.) and 24″ long


  • Plate Machining: 48″ wide x 70″ long
  • Mold Handling Weight: Crane capacity to 20,000 lbs.
  • Average molds under construction: 60
  • Annual Mold Production: ~200 molds
  • Normal Design and Build Delivery Time: 11 – 13 weeks.


  • Plates and misc. Moldbase Components:
    ± .0005 in. (± .012 mm)
  • Cavity Stack Components:
    ± .0002 in. (± .005 mm)
  • Laminated Inserts:
    ± .0001 in. (± .0025 mm) or closer


  • Hydraulic Core Pull
  • Hydraulic and Mechanical Unscrewing
  • Collapsible Cores
  • Mechanical Slides
  • Lift Mechanisms
  • Lift & Twist Mechanisms (for undercut release)
  • In-Mold Closing
  • In-Mold Labeling
  • Flip-Tops

Mold Types:

  • Multi-Cavity
  • Valve Gate
  • Hot Edge
  • 90 deg. Hot Melt
  • Horizontal Valve Gate
  • 2 Material
  • Hot Runner
  • Hot-to-Cold Runner
  • 3-Plate
  • Stripper Plate
  • Stack
  • 2-Color
  • LSR Molds
  • Two Material
  • Cold Deck or Cold Runner
  • Cold to Hot Runner
  • Fully Automated De-molding
  • Automation of Secondary Operations

The implementation of advanced machining and manufacturing techniques allows ATM to produce all mold components in the shortest time. For example, computer workstations are located on the mold manufacturing work floor. This allows manufacturing personnel to directly query the engineering database to find reference points or an inspection datum. Efficient processes don’t just save time; they also save money.